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Samsung folding phone expected to have “Hideaway Hinge”

Samsung folding phone is better than the best new tabletsAfter learning lessons from its first foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy offers some improvement. They are ready to introduce hideaway hinge in their foldable phones.

They filed a trademark application for Hideaway Hinge name. Before the official launch, they gave a review to their phone and found numerous hardware issues. For this reason, they have postponed their launch. With new hideaway hinges, Samsung can avoid numerous issues in its next foldable phones. It was confirmed that the next phone of Samsung would fold like a clamshell in a downward direction. They will not open up sideways into the best new tablets.    

There were reports about Samsung for working on a foldable flip phone with a 6.7-inch screen. This phone has a selfie camera on the internal display and two cameras on the external display. You can notice a downward fold on this phone instead of inward. It was similar to other smartphones that allow normal functioning of android apps.

Unclear Nature of Hideaway Hinges

It is difficult to say anything about the nature of these hinges. You can assume that these may be the less prominent feature in the foldable phone of Samsung Galaxy. Remember, hinges on this phone was the real problem. Vertical folder of Samsung can be a rival to new Razr Motorola and the best new tablets

The RARZ-like phones may increase questions about foldable clamshell phones of Samsung. These phones are cheaper than the iPhone 11 pro. Samsung is planning to expand its lineup of foldable products. There will be many models in the market in 2020. Samsung will release two foldable phones with some modifications.

The original Samsung Galaxy foldable phone had a vertical line. This line was dividing the smartphone into two halves. The new entry is expected with hidden hinges. A South Korean giant has trademarked this mechanism as a new hideaway hinge with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). 

This new design will be available on tablets and smartphones. Samsung is working on these smartphones and the best new tablets. Complete information is not available, but you can expect two-fold Galaxy around 2020 August. Samsung can expand the rollout to almost 60 countries. They are trying to tackle the possible obstacles to high pricing.  

Best Foldable Phones

At this time, you can find different foldable phones in the market. Unique models of Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and more are available. The Samsung Galaxy fold features a screen 7.3-inch that folds over, and you can put it in your pocket.

This phone can be expensive because of its high-end processor, 512GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. You will get a triple-lens rear camera 16MP + 12MP + 12MP. Remember, a 4,380mAh battery can be divided into two different sections. This phone allows you to run almost three apps along with each other. 

Huawei Mate X folds on the other way to a Samsung device. Its screen wraps around the outside. With an 8-inch screen, it can be one of the best new tablets.

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