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Best Android Camera Smartphones For The Budding Photographer

These devices are available with the best camera. For this reason, budding photographers can buy smartphones with the best camera. Here are some great choices for budding photographers.

1. Huawei Pro P30

You can fall in love with this device because of its powerful specifications. It has a special camera to take perfect pictures in a low light atmosphere. The zooming capacity of the camera can increase the quality of the image. It can be an ideal candidate for photography.

It has 32 MP front camera and Leica Quad Camera (40+20+8MP+TOF). This phone features 4200mAh battery, Huawei 980 Kirin and dust, splash and water resistance. These features can make this smartphone extremely special. 

2. Google 3 Pixel

It is another smartphone with the best camera. You can use it to capture photographs in a low light atmosphere. As compared to image processing and machine learning, the size of sensors and lenses may fall short. You will get a 12.2 MP rear dual-pixel camera and 845 Qualcomm Snapdragon. 

This smartphone is packed with android 9 Pie and 2915 mAh battery. For budding photographers, this device has numerous features. You can capture bright images without any trouble.

3. Google Pixel 4 and XL

It is available with the best camera lenses. If you want a smartphone for your photography, feel free to buy this smartphone. Pixel 4 has the best camera, zoom and wide lenses. The software of this phone is a powerful weapon. You can get the advantage of artificial intelligence and computational photography.

You can use things, such as HDR, astrophotography, smart editing capabilities and night mode. It features android 10 operating system.

4. Samsung Galaxy Series Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series feature 16MP ultra-wide, 12MP telephoto sensors and 12MP wide-angle camera. These models feature one ToF camera for better aesthetic quality. With this camera, you can take vibrant and bright pictures. It supports vibrant colors to give a real-life feel to your photographs.

For low light photography, you will find this camera excellent. The image quality of this camera can satisfy budding photographers. This phone features S Pen, amazing design and high-end specs.

5. Oppo 10x Reno Zoom

For photography enthusiasts, this best android smartphone can be a great choice. Its back camera has the primary sensor of 48MP and an 8MP sensor. With this sensor, you can take wide-angle shots. A telephoto shooter is available with a 13MP on board. You can use 10x lossless hybrid zoom and optical 5x zoom.

This smartphone is exceptionally versatile to take amazing photos. Feel free to get the advantage of fantastic battery life, great screen, excellent phone and high-end performance.

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