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Affordable USB-C Powerbank that work with both Surface and Macbook

For the best tablet computeryou can buy a new Powerbank and keep your devices charged during travel. It will help you to keep your battery charged. Apple is using USB-C on Macbooks, and now Microsoft is ready to jump this bandwagon with a USB-C on new Surface devices. The USB-C has sufficient benefits on USB-A. It allows users to use USB Type-C chargers to charge surface devices.

Your standard charger may not cut it because Macbook or Surface needs more power on phones. If you are in the market for a power bank USB-C that could charge your best tablet computeryou may get great deals for you. The Zendure Power Bank can be an excellent choice for almost $130. This price may vary between $100 and $150. Visit Amazon to check the best deals.

Zendure Power Bank

The Power Bank of Zendure offers a massive battery 27,000 mAh. It can charge almost every device. This power bank features 2 USB-A (15W & 18W output) along with 2 USB-C (100W & 60W output). With this power bank, you can get almost 100W of input. 

You will get sufficient support for pass-through charging that permits you to charge this bank at 100W and charge a USB-C device at 60W. It will help you to charger the best tablet computer. People who need a behemoth of power banks can buy this device from Amazon. Make sure to pair it with a wall charger to get a great power back up for almost two hours.

best tablet computer

Mophie Powerstation AC

With its portable battery, you can get 100W output and 22Ah capacity. With this portable battery charger, you can give power to a 15-inch MacBook Pro. The USB-C port is rated at 30W with a label of USB-PD. It can charge a few batteries, such as iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Omni USB-C 20

If you need a USB hub, feel free to invest in this device. It features 20100mAh battery and high capacity. With lots of ports, you can charge your electronic devices. With this USB hub, you can efficiently charge your best tablet computerIf you want to charger a mobile and Nintendo switch, it is sufficient for you.

Poweradd Pilot Pro2

For budget-conscious people, it is an affordable option. You will get tons of connection and a long warranty. The capacity of this device is 23Ah along with ten notebook connectors. This device is enough to cover most of the laptops available on the market. 

With a two-year warranty, you will get peace of mind. The 23MAh and 84Wh capacity can decrease your tension of battery. It lacks a USB-C connector; therefore, you can’t use it for your modern MacBook or Ultrabook. For these items, you will need a different power supply.

RAVPower RP-PB058

The capacity of this battery is 26.8, so you can take it on a plane. With type-C, it is possible to charge the best tablet computerIt is suitable to charge high-end tablets and laptops. You will get the best results for power compatible machines.

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