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5 Super-Helpful Laptop Hacks for Maximum Performance

Remember, tablets and laptops are powerful, portable and productive. Sometimes, it is not possible to afford a new laptop. For this reason, you have to maintain maximum performance of laptop till its last breath. Here are some super-helpful hacks to increase the efficiency of your device.

1. Increase Storage with a Card

If you want to increase the storage space of your laptop, you can buy new cards. It is possible to expand your storage through external hard drives or SD cards. For example, Acer Aspire Switch 11 features a 128GB SSD, but another laptop with a 512GB SSD may cost almost $300 or more.

Moreover, you can buy a USB stick for 128GB flash storage. In $100, it is possible to increase the memory and storage of your laptop.

2. Protect Tablets from Pets

Laptops can make your life easy, but you have to protect it from your pets. Old dirt, loose hair and dryer lint can affect the peripheral vent, speaker and air vents of your laptop. The old laptop comes with unibody designs to keep fluffies away.

With pets in your life, you can use compressed air to clean vents. Remember, a buildup of dirt particulars and pet hair wreaks havoc on the innards of a laptop. These things can increase the chances of heat flares and short-circuiting.

3. Delete Unused Apps and Programs

Your laptop will have numerous programs that you may not need any more. For this reason, you have to uninstall these programs. After installing unnecessary apps and programs, it will be easy for you to speed up your system. Make sure to delete utility programs after numerous months of their use, such as backup tools, disk cleaners and virus scanners. 

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4. Save Battery of Laptop

A low-rated battery can increase your annoyance. Make sure to save the battery of your laptop by turning on a battery-saving mode. With your laptop, you can do lots of things to save its battery. Keep the screens of your tablet on low brightness. These are actual battery killers. Wireless apparatus can also drain your battery. If you want to increase battery, make sure to replace a hard disk drive with an SSD.

5. Avoid Eating and Drinking Near Your Laptop

If you’re going to maintain the performance and efficiency of your laptop, it is essential to avoid eating and drinking near it. A laptop keyboard sits and incorporated near critical components. You must not keep food near your laptop because it can affect its internal components. Any food particle will not only affect its keyboard but internal elements. 

Keep liquid away from your deviceRemove unnecessary programs from your machine to increase its speed. Moreover, regular updates and scanning are necessary to improve their performance.

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