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How to Empty Trash on Android Devices?

Do you want to increase the efficiency of your device?You have to free up space on your devices to make it faster and efficient. Android users often make complaints about lack of space. It is possible to get more space by clearing junk from the trash bin of your phone. With some extra efforts, you can remove junk files from your tablet or phone. Here are some easy instructions to learn how to empty trash on android devices.

Trash or Recycle Bin on Android

Unlike a Mac or Windows system, you may not find a trash folder or recycle bin in android devices. Numerous smartphones come with a limited capacity of storage ranging from 8 GB – 256 GB. 

Some apps may come with a particular folder to store deleted items. If you want to delete junk from your device, check for unnecessary data on different applications. Remove junk for each app one by one.

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Trash on Android Devices

Android devices don’t have a dedicated trash folder to delete unnecessary files. Here are some instructions to clear junk files from android.

Google Photos

It is a native application for Android devices by Google. Backup your photographs and manage them in different methods. After deleting something from photos, you will find these photos in a trash folder. To remove these photos from a trash folder, see these steps:

  • Launch the Photos app of Google on your android device and visit different options by clicking on the icon of hamburger on the top.
  • Check “Trash” options from the list of folders. You will be able to see deleted pictures on Google photographs.
  • Choose the photographs to remove them permanently and click on delete/trash icon to get rid of them.


Gmail can accumulate trash; therefore, you have to remove it to get more space. After deleting an email, it will not be removed permanently. It will be moved to a trash folder for almost 30 days. To get maximum space on Gmail, you have to visit a trash folder and empty emails from there. Check these instructions:

  • Launch a Gmail app on the phone and click on the icon of hamburger on the top corner.

             You will be able to see the list of folders and categories on Gmail. It will help you to access trash folders.

  • Choose the emails that you want to delete and click on the remove/delete icon. Feel free to choose all emails from a trash older to eliminate everything in a go. Press “empty trash now” and remove junk files.

Remove Cached Data

Cache data have intermediate data of apps for a customized and fast experience. It will help you to enhance the experience of an app. Remember, cache data can affect the storage of device. For this reason, clear cache data for every app.

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