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6 ways to Speed Up Windows 10

Do you want to speed up your deviceIt will be easy if you are using Windows 10. After some particular tweaking settings, you can speed up your Windows 10 computer. To coax an extraordinary performance from new windows, you have to turn off special effects, change startup settings and uninstall unnecessary programs. Make sure to replace your hard drive storage with SSD to improve the performance of your computer. Here are six effective ways to speed up Windows 10.

1. Decrease Apps at Startup

If your tablet takes too much time to boot, you have to decrease apps that launch at startup. These programs are the main culprit to slow down your startup procedure. In numerous cases, unnecessary programs run in the background. These can slow things down even after completely booting windows. See these steps to fix them:

  • Right-click your “Start” button and select “Task Manager”.
  • Tap the “Startup” tab in task manager.
  • If you are noticing programs that you don’t need at startup, right-click on these programs and pick disable.

2. Uninstall bloatware 

A computer often came with several unwanted programs to run in the background. These programs can slow down your deviceThese unwanted programs are known as bloatware. Take a few minutes to check and uninstall programs that you will need for a computer.

3. Disable Special Effects

To improve the performance of the computer, make sure to disable special effects. Windows 10 has numerous special effects, from quite subtle and overt. These effects can make your computer experience more enjoyable and fun. Remember, these things can slow down your PC. See these instructions to turn these effects off.

  • Tap the “Start” button and initiate the “Control Panel”.
  • Tap “Advanced settings”.
  • On the properties window, you will tap on “Advanced Tap – Settings”.

It will help you to turn off the special effects manually. Feel free to tap “Adjust for the best performance”.

4. Modify Window Transparency

The transparency may be subtle, and people may not notice it. Particular transparency effects are a blurred impression or faint. By turning it off, you will not sacrifice processing speed. To modify this effect, see these settings:

  • Tap the “Start button” and hit the “Settings icon” that is similar to gear over the power icon.
  • Click personalization – colors.
  • Scroll downward to turn off transparency effects.


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Run Computer at Full Power


You may operate your laptop on battery power without any charger. In this situation, you may pick a high-performance plan. Sometimes, your computer may not run at full speed. It is possible to control its speed from the control panel and power options.

6. Frequent Updates for Windows 10

It is essential to keep your device updated. Microsoft issues updates and patches for windows. These can improve the performance and security of your computer. Tap the “Start button” and hit “Settings icon”. You can access update and security to check updates.

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