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10 famous apps that are free for android users but paid or not available for iOS users

Several apps are available for your tablet, android and iOS devices. Remember, some apps are free for android users, but iOS users can’t get these apps free. Here are 10 popular apps that are free for android users but paid for iOS users.

1. Solid Explorer

Android users can download free Solid Explorer to manage and organize the internal file system. It is an impressive file manager with a two-pane interface. iOS users can’t use this free app because they have to buy this in $5.

2. Chromer

You can download chrome free for your android devices. It is not available for iOS users. Chromer combines different elements from LinkBubble and bubble style browsers. 

3. Greenify

If you are inundated with battery hogging applications in the background, you will need Greenify. It can put apps in the state of hibernation and stop them from accessing system resources and bandwidth. If you are an iOS user, you can’t use this app for free.

4. ADV Screen Recorder

Screen recording apps are not available in the app ecosystem of iOS. Apple takes down apps regularly, but android devices can have a variety of apps. To capture the screen of the phone, you can download the ADV screen recorder for free. 

5. Muzei

Android users can get the advantage of live wallpapers. It offers a dynamic background to a home screen with image shifts, visual goodies and animations. The live wallpaper can turn the home screen of android into a museum gallery.

best windows 10 tablet

6. Helium Restore and Backup

Several apps can back up data in the cloud, but these may not work for android. A few data backup apps require you to root an android device. If you want a device to install in unrooted devices, feel free to download this app. It is not suitable for rooted devices. Backup scheduling is available in its premium version.

7. AirDroid

With this great app, android successfully edges out iOS. It allows you to take advantage of remote control for your devices from a web browser. 

AirDroid makes it easy for you to move files wirelessly from a device to another. Feel free to send messages from desktop, manage apps and view notifications.

8. Flud

You can’t see this app on iPhone or iPad. This torrent app features a clean interface. There is no need to worry about download and upload speed. 

best windows 10 tablet

9. Drupe

For contacts management on android, you will need this app. Drupe makes it easy for you to access contacts in one list. Moreover, it offers you different actions along with each contact. You may not get this facility free on iOS.

10. UCCW

The widget concept is new for iOS; therefore, its widget game is far away from android. It helps you to design your widgets. 

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